Is NASA hiding the presence of extra-terrestrial beings and objects? Conspiracy theorists say Yes, as a strange cylindrical unidentified flying object has been captured live on NASA's feed recorded from the International Space Station. Several UFO theorists believe that the cylindrical shaped object is of extra-terrestrial origin, and the movement of the object indicates that the visitors have developed highly sophisticated cloaking technology. On the other hand, experts from NASA have rubbished the rumors, and they believe that it might be possibly a space junk or a wandering satellite.

Are aliens using advanced cloaking technology?

The video of the UFO spotting has now gone viral on the internet, and it is getting shared widely through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In the video, we can see the cylindrical shaped object appearing in front of the ISS, taking a small move to the front, and finally disappearing in the space. UFO theorists believe that this particular nature of the object is a clear cut evidence of the cloaking technology developed by the aliens.

Scott C Waring, renowned Ufologist through his blog told that he first noticed the UFO in the live feed, and it was moving to ISS at a steady pace. Later, it diminished from the sight and became transparent which is the result of their cloaking technology.

This is not the first time that UFOs are being spotted around the ISS. Previously many related sighting videos have gone viral on the Internet, but neither the NASA nor the Government officials have given any explanation regarding this.

Scott Waring continues his conspiracy theories

Scott Waring is slowly emerging as the top-rated conspiracy theorists who is especially proficient on Ufology.

He has made several claims, and one among them is the concept of 'Hollow Moon.' According to Waring, Moon is just a Death Star which is an alien base. He believes that the Government has misled the public by stating that moon in our natural satellite.

NASA has been very careful while answering the claims made by Waring.

According to NASA scientists, most of the suspected alien sightings are nothing but the trick made by the camera lens. These alleged UFOs are the reflections of the windows and other metal bodies in the space station. It should be noted that no Government official till date has uttered a single word regarding the mysteries surrounding Area 51.