On Saturday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held an emergency meeting in Beverly Hills in order to discuss the status of longtime member Harvey Weinstein. The acclaimed producer was exposed for three decades of sexual harassment when more than 30 women came forward over the past week. In its official statement, the academy said the expulsion of Weinstein was mainly in order to send a message about men's behavior in Hollywood.


In the most recent episode of his talk show "Last Week Tonight," host John Oliver criticized the academy for being hypocritical.

Oliver brought up how they have numerous members still apart of their organization who have faced sexual harassment allegations.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he named actors and filmmakers like Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and Mel Gibson. Though these men were never convicted of any crimes, neither has Weinstein. An emergency meeting was never held when Bill Cosby's accusations made headlines, nor when Roman Polanski fled the country to avoid charges.

While their decision shows the seriousness of the Weinstein scandal, it also shows severe hypocrisy on their end.

He sarcastically congratulated Hollywood, stating that Casey Affleck would be presenting best actress at the next Oscars.

The actor was previously sued by two employees for sexual harassment and settled the cases outside of court for an undisclosed sum. Affleck, however, has still won Oscars following the headline and remains a member of the academy.

A messed up industry

Oliver also discussed the Weinstein scandal, calling his behavior troubling. The host of "Last Week Tonight" made the point that the more troubling part is how people in Hollywood brushed off his actions.

He discussed Angie Everhart's claim of Weinstein breaking into her room and masturbating in front of her, which many other victims have also alleged.

Everhart has said that she told multiple people immediately following the incident, but all replied telling her "Oh, that's just Harvey."

Oliver simply asked his audience, "What the f--k?" He discussed how inexcusable it is that everyone was completely aware of how Weinstein acted and simply brushed it off this entire time.

The ignorance in Hollywood has become increasingly clear as other victims have shared their unsuccessful pleas for help. Rose McGowan, who claims Weinstein raped her, said she repeatedly told Amazon studio head Roy Price about the assault but was told she had no proof. The actress has been using Twitter as a platform to ensure her and other victims' voices do not go unheard.