Harvey Weinstein was ousted from the Academy Picture Arts and Sciences on Saturday. The board's decision to expel him is based on the claims of over 30 women who claim the Hollywood producer sexually harassed them. This announcement follows many other losses for Weinstein, including being fired from his company and losing his wife.

Announcing their decision

The board reportedly called for an emergency meeting in Los Angeles to discuss the allegations against the Hollywood producer and his status in the Academy. Weinstein's own brother revealed in an interview that he would write a letter to the board saying that Harvey's membership should be revoked.

According to The Guardian, the Academy released an official statement Saturday announcing that Weinstein is no longer a member. The statement explained their goal is not only to separate them from the producer but also to send a message. The Academy wants an "era of willful ignorance" to end and state sexually abusive behavior in the film industry is over.

In the statement, the board describes Weinstein's actions as a "deeply troubling problem" that does not have a place in society. The Academy makes it clear that it has ethical standards which all members must comply with.

The board's members include industry heads from all divisions including directors, writers, and editors. Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Kathleen Kennedy are just a few of the many involved.

Though the board makes the bigger decisions regarding the Academy, members from the film industry take part in decisions like nominations and voting for Oscar awards. Harvey Weinstein was one of over 6,000 members of the Academy.

Making history

Weinstein made history by being only the second member of the Academy to ever be kicked out.

Since it was established 90 years ago, the only member removed was Carmine Caridi. The actor's membership was revoked due to breaking the rule against sharing screener copies.

This makes Weinstein the only member kicked out for ethical reasons. Members like Bill Cosby have dealt with Sexual Harassment allegations in the past but managed to maintain their membership.

The surplus of women coming forward to speak out about Weinstein, especially A-listers like Angelina Jolie, seem to have had a big impact on this decision.

Reports on Weinstein's current whereabouts vary, but most point to him currently being treated in Arizona before he leaves for his full rehabilitation in England.