Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have made it very clear that they love helping people out. Today they went to the Duggar Family Official Facebook page to share the details of a new non-profit Music Organization that they are helping out with and are very passionate about. They are living in Laredo, Texas near Jeremy's family now that they are married.

The couples talks about Swan 4 Kids

In this new Facebook video, Jeremy and Jinger talk about the organization Swan 4 Kids. Jinger talks about how growing up she took violin and piano lessons and loved it. She also said that Jeremy is always going around the house singing to her and music is important to them.

Swan 4 Kids is a mentoring program for children who have parents in jail.

Jeremy Vuolo went on to explain that his mom started a non-profit organization several years ago. This is the organization they are helping with called Swan 4 Kids. Since then, the amount of children who have parents in jail has really grown. Jeremy's mom is a professional violinist and sees how much music mentoring can help them out. He went on to explain how great music lessons are for children. He feels like music can help children to have a successful life.

Story of Anna, who they helped

Next, they told the story of a girl named Anna that had both of her parents in jail. The girl was in the foster care system and it failed her, she ended up in a detention center because there was nowhere else for her to stay, but she didn't do anything wrong at all.

Jeremy Vuolo's mom met her and started working with her. Jinger shared that Anna had an amazing voice. Jinger and Jeremy decided to have them come and sing at their wedding. She was the one who sang the prelude at the wedding and donors actually paid for her trip and bought her a gown to wear on their wedding day.

It sounds like they are helping a lot of kids like Anna with Swan 4 Life.

You can go to Swan4kids.org to donate and it does seem like Jinger and Jeremy are going to be helping as well. This sounds like an organization that they are very passionate about and the fans can't wait to hear more stories in the future about kids that they have helped by introducing them to music.

What do you think about the Swan 4 Kids organization that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo are working with? Do you think that they found a perfect fit for them? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they air on Monday nights on TLC.