Rumors are always flying that Jana Duggar has a man in her life, but this time it could be true. Now, Radar Online is speaking out and sharing that the guy Jana is allegedly courting might not be a big fan of all of the Duggar courtship rules. Jana is being linked to a guy named Caleb Williams. He actually went to dinner with the Duggar family and was photographed and the rumors started to fly.

What is going on with Caleb?

A source close to Caleb shared that he has been close to the Duggar family for years. This proves that the fact that he has been photographed with them doesn't mean for sure that he is with Jana.

He has also been photographed holding Josh and Anna's new baby girl.

Jana Duggar was also linked to Caleb's brother Jacob, but he denied the rumors. He actually said that they are just friends and not in a relationship at all. The thing is he didn't deny that his brother Caleb might be dating her. Fans are pretty sure that is the case, but Jana Duggar hasn't admitted anything yet.

Source shares details of courtship rules

The source explained that Caleb Williams isn't totally okay with the Duggar courtship rules. They don't even hold hands until they are engaged. They only give side hugs and there is no kissing or anything else until marriage. So far, all of the Duggar children have followed these rules.

A few have admitted to cheating a tiny bit like holding a hug too long or staying up late talking when they shouldn't, but nobody has admitted to really breaking the rules in a way that matters.

The insider said that Caleb is "not really" okay with these rules. The thing is that if Jana wants them then maybe he will have to find a way to stick with them.

Some people feel like these rules are part of the reason that the Duggars end up rushing to get married instead of having long engagements.

The source also shared that aleCb doesn't attend the same church as the Duggars. This could be part of the reason that he has a difference in opinion when it comes to courting rules. The source explained saying, "Every religion has its own sects and groups.

They have similar belief systems, but he’s a bit different in his thinking. He’s maybe somewhat more liberal.”

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