ArrowSeason 6 will arrive this week and viewers are yet to find out who survived the explosion in Lian Yu. It can be recalled how Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his son William (Jack Moore) watch the island explode in horror.

This may be the case, but Oliver Queen will return in Season 6 as a changed man. According to Entertainment Weekly, Season 6 will pick up months after the explosion as Oliver returns a changed man. He will decide to let go of all the burden in the past and look forward into the future instead. Amell revealed this exciting scoop in an interview.

Oliver’s new mindset

Stephen Amell shared that his titular role has some peace in the beginning of Season 6. “I think that he has made his peace with all of the things that it entails. He feels as though he’s doing his best,” the 36-year-old actor explained. He ended up with a new position as a father but the most important thing is whether he learned something from his past experiences.

Amell further discussed his methods for the upcoming season. He described the script of Season 6 as interesting. “Arrow” has five years of back story and he expects Oliver to apply the lessons he learned from experience. With this, the famous Star City vigilante will not devalue the experience. This will result in a wiser and efficient decision.

Oliver’s fatherhood

Meanwhile, Oliver is also doing his best to be a good father. William is currently in his teenage years and he will need all the help he can get. His recently introduced father will be the one to provide that. William witnessed the explosion in Lian Yu and knows that his father is the Green Arrow.

These traumatic events need to be addressed as well.

There is also a possibility that his mother died in the island as she was present during the incident. However, things won’t be easy because the new kid will be reluctant to cooperate with his father.

Oliver as ‘Green Arrow’ and Star City mayor

The main hook on the early part of Season 6 is the Green Arrow being the public enemy number one.

It seems like the vigilantes in Star City are going to be the premiere episode’s main focus. Meanwhile, Oliver will continue to get good approval ratings from the citizens as the mayor.

Of course, the writers will prepare something to shake his spotlight as the mayor. Moreover, Stephen Amell hints that “Arrow” Season 6 will have a mature version of Oliver Queen. The premiere episode airs on October 12, Thursday.