Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo always find time to step out and enjoy each other's company. The couple had a movie date earlier this week. However, the Duggar critics reacted negatively to their romantic outing following Jinger's post on Instagram. In the photo, Jim Bob and Michelle's daughter shared a snap of Jeremy standing in an empty theater. But her caption did not appeal well to some of her followers. Check out the details below.

Fans slam Jinger and Jeremy for movie theater post

On Wednesday, the "Counting On" star took to Instagram to share her movie experience with her husband earlier this week.

In the snap, Jeremy looked confused and surprised because no one was around other than them in the theater. "Apparently the theater is not 'the place to be' on a Monday afternoon...good thing we got here early," Jinger wrote in the caption.

Some of Jinger's followers fired back at her and questioned their employment status, Cafe Mom reported. One user was being sarcastic when she commented that at that time people are still working because they don't have TV shows that give them money, implying how Jinger and Jeremy make money from their reality show on TLC.

The publication noted that Jeremy is employed as a pastor and he is paid for it. Since Jeremy works on a Sunday, he deserves a break on Monday.

Meanwhile, one user suggested that Jinger should get a real job. Another user seemed to mock Jinger's employment status by saying that she's already employed as a pastor's wife.

Despite the criticism, the majority of Jinger’s fans remain supportive of her. According to them, she used sarcasm on her caption and didn’t mean any harm.

Is Jinger using contraceptives to delay her pregnancy?

In just a few weeks time, Jinger and Jeremy will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary. However, the couple remains without a child. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth, who just tied the knot in May, are already expecting. This triggered the report that Jinger is using contraceptives to delay her pregnancy.

The Duggar Family is anti-contraceptives. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar used contraception after delivering their first baby together. Jinger and Joy-Anna have also both violated that Duggar courting rules. However, they have different plans when it comes to their own families. While having a baby is not Jinger’s priority, her sister Joy-Anna is willing to have as many children as she can possibly have.