Jeremy Vuolo is the odd man out among the Duggar in-laws. He married Jinger Duggar almost exactly one year ago. The two have been seen doing and wearing things that would make the devoutly Christian family cringe. Fortunately, Jinger and Jeremy are incredibly happy with their life in Texas. Since getting married, the two have been back home a few times for the weddings of Jinger's siblings.

A colored past

It is no secret that Jeremy Vuolo was a rebellious teen and young adult. He was involved in the college party scene, which has given way to plenty of speculation about what his past held.

Jim Bob Duggar wasn't thrilled with allowing him to marry Jinger, but eventually, he gave his permission. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald introduced the couple and the rest is history. Vuolo has spoken out about his past, though the details weren't all given. Fans questioned his motives in the beginning but now, they are on board with the couple. As Christians believe, you can redeem yourself once you accept Christ and make your life right. Jeremy did that and now, he is in a much better place.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jeremy Vuolo was more than just a little bit wild. He was arrested for being drunk and harassing a police officer. The records were released and he was identified as the man in question.

This was clearly before he found God and moved on to be a pastor of a church. Now that this has been brought up, there is a lot of talk about Jeremy and his capabilities. Could he be behind Jinger Duggar's rebellious choices? Critics are taking every shot and unfortunately, it has become a huge topic.

Celebrating their anniversary

In just a few days, the Vuolos will have been married for one year. There will likely be photos and sweet posts shared, especially because they are the only Duggar couple who haven't been pregnant by their one-year anniversary. Fans are interested to see how they will celebrate and what they will do for one another as they mark this momentous occasion.

So far, they have appeared quite happy with one another, more so than a few of the other married siblings.

Another season has not been announced for “Counting On” yet. There have been rumors of a cancellation, but no official word has come from TLC. Jinger and Jeremy are a couple fans want to see more of, especially because their life isn't centered around raising a family. As they gear up to celebrate their love, they are ignoring the talk about Vuolo's past.