Jennifer Hudson has been the latest target of media attention as a shoe was thrown at her while she was performing on stage. However, it appears that Hudson and her crew orchestrated the stunt. The incident did not only occur on one night making it seem like it might become a regular event at Hudson's performances.

The singer took the act well

According to Variety, Jennifer Hudson was performing on stage when she had a shoe thrown at her. The incident took place when the singer was performing in Boston. However, a member of the crowd did not throw the shoe.

Instead, a member of Hudson’s own crew threw it.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Hudson claimed that she is to blame for the incident as she started the tradition of throwing shoes at performers when she was on "The Voice." The singer claimed that she told her crew before she went on stage that she felt like she was going to have some shoes thrown at her.

Fans of the show were shocked to see Hudson throwing a shoe at a contestant and the public was unaware of how to react to this act. The judges on "The Voice" are known to do some strange things to try to get their favored performers but Hudson certainly tops the list.

Hudson claimed that it was a compliment

According to Variety, Jennifer Hudson stated that she took the act as a huge compliment.

Hudson revealed that she has been waiting a while to have her first shoe thrown at her and that she is delighted it finally happened. During an interview with Seth Meyers, she explained her thoughts on the act.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Hudson explained her reasons behind throwing her shoe at the contestant. She stated that it is the highest compliment in her book and that she does not consider it an insult.

Jennifer stated that if a performer moves her to do something like throwing her shoe, then they are probably the best performer that she has heard.

Hudson compared the act to a standing ovation and shared a video of the event on her Instagram. Jennifer Hudson raved about her the event and stated that it made her night. In a report by People Magazine, Jennifer Hudson explained that where she comes from having a shoe thrown at you is a compliment.

The shoe throwing was such a huge event that a band member decided to get in on the action on Hudson's next performance.

Jennifer Hudson certainly had the best reaction to having an object thrown out her while she was on stage. Fans have found her delight hilarious.