Jenelle Evans recently got married to David Eason and it appears that she adores her decision to marry him. While Evans has gushed about how wonderful David is, many of her "Teen Mom 2" Fans have been critical of him as a person. Perhaps it is because they feel that he's very controlling of Evans and they want to see her with a different man. Evans has revealed that they are perfect together and she sees no reason why they should go their separate ways. But others feel that these two shouldn't be together because they haven't been great at parenting.

It's no secret that Jace has been living with Barbara since he was born, as Jenelle signed over her parental rights to her mother. Apparently, to some fans, this means that she doesn't know how to be a mother and pick up on the cues that her daughter Ensley is sending. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now being slammed because she is sleeping for hours. Some people seem to think that Evans is putting her daughter down to sleep and goes to sleep herself without getting up to care for daughter.

Fans are criticizing her parenting

When Jenelle Evans read the criticism of her going to sleep instead of watching "Teen Mom 2" with her fans, she decided she needed to reply. Apparently, some people seem to think that Evans' daughter Ensley is still a newborn and requires her to get up at all hours of the night.

In a tweet, Evans reminded fans that her daughter is actually 8 months and is doing just fine with her sleeping.

Of course, fans will attack Jenelle Evans on anything they see fit. This will include her children, her actions, and her past drug use.

Even though Jenelle has revealed that she's sober, people just don't believe her. They believe she's lying about her sobriety and some people have called to have her children removed. It didn't help her that Evans' daughter was born with THC in her blood.

Custody of Jace

Jenelle has been fighting to get custody of her son back, but her mother has no interest in letting him go.

She has been fighting her own daughter in court, as she wants to keep Jace with her. This has ruined their relationship and Barbara wasn't invited to Evans' wedding. Her mother was heartbroken, but Jenelle revealed that she had to face the consequences of keeping Jace away from her all of these years.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans having to defend herself on Twitter? Do you think her followers are being fair in their criticism?