Fans of the Duggar family and its subsequent spin-off show, "Counting On," are patiently waiting for newlyweds Kendra Caldwell Duggar and Joseph Duggar to announce that they are expecting a baby. The Duggar Family follows the controversial Bill Gothard led Quiverfull sect of Christianity, which teaches its followers that they should have as many babies as possible. The sect also eschews birth control, meaning almost all of the married Duggar adult children have announced a pregnancy just three months after their honeymoons. The only exception has been Jinger Duggar Vuolo, who has yet to announce a pregnancy, even though she will have been married for a year in December.

Fans are eager to know, when will Joe and Kendra give Michelle and Jim Bob some more grandchildren?

Were they pregnant at the wedding?

Rumors have swirled that Kendra Caldwell Duggar and Joseph Duggar had a "shotgun wedding," thanks to Joseph's younger sister Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth. Joy and her husband announced they would be married in October of 2017, but then ended up tying the knot in May of that same year. Three months later, Joy announced her pregnancy to "People Magazine," with a bump much larger than expected. Doctors have estimated that the mother-to-be is skimming some time off of how far along she is, and some speculate that she and Austin took a trip down the aisle sooner than originally planned to cover up a pregnancy.

Joseph and Kendra also announced they would be getting married in November, and instead wed this September, leading some to believe they were in the same boat as Joy-Anna. However, none of this has been confirmed, and it is possible that Joy-Anna did follow the Duggar rules and got pregnant during her honeymoon.

Honeymoon baby?

Once a Duggar gets married, fans are automatically on the lookout for any signs of pregnancy. While Kendra Caldwell Duggar has not yet exhibited any signs that she is a mother-to-be, fans are speculating that if she is not already carrying a child, she will by the end of the honeymoon. The young bride and her husband took a trip to Greece, even though it was rumored that they skipped their honeymoon.

Kendra stated that she is having a wonderful time with her new husband, and she is really enjoying marriage, especially since the couple is now allowed to be alone together. As a married couple, they are also allowed to kiss and show physical affection.