Jenelle Evans and her family celebrated Halloween this weekend by posting photos to Instagram, just like many families do. The mom-of-three has been hypersensitive about criticism of her parenting, especially since she has accused MTV of editing her on "Teen Mom 2" to look like a bad mom. She threatened to quit the show after a scene in which she and her husband, David, were taking photos for their "Save the Date" and Kaiser screamed, "Feed me!" to his parents as they continued on doing their photoshoot. Fans have also been concerned that her husband, David, might be abusive to Jenelle, his daughter, her children, and their daughter.

Concern over costume choice

Jenelle showed off several family photos on Instagram of her blended family dressed up for Halloween. David dressed as a hunter, while Jenelle and their infant daughter Ensley were dressed as deer. This caused concern for many fans, as several believe that David is abusive and they did not find the costumes amusing. Some have even gone so far as to say that they fear for Jenelle's life if she stays with David. In a recent episode of "Teen Mom 2," her husband was shown grabbing Jenelle's son, Kaiser's arm in a particularly rough manner. Additionally, fans became concerned when Jenelle told one of her producers that she and David had been fighting the night before, but David then gruffly denied it to the producer and told her that this was not the case at all while Jenelle sat by silently.

Favoring one child over the other?

Jenelle's family is a blended one, meaning she lives with her step-daughter, her two sons from previous relationships and her daughter with David. While the entire family posed for photos, she took special photos with just herself, David and Ensley, most likely because they all fit the same theme of deer and hunter.

Some fans, however, called out Jenelle for favoring Ensley over her other children, saying that the other three kids who live with them would likely feel left out for not being in the photo.

"We have a blended family and you should never take pictures with only certain kids. The kids feel that exclusion. They were Obviously there as it's the same photo shoot.

They feel the difference in the last names, they feel it in everything. My kids are old enough to voice their feelings. This is no way to treat your children," a fan wrote to Jenelle and David.

Others agreed, saying it was horrible to make the other three children "stand aside" while the photos were taken.