The "Vanderpump Rules" cast has already been filming season six and now Jax Taylor is speaking out. In Touch Weekly shared that Jax is speaking out about the new season and he says that it was a rough one, so rough that he might even end up having to go into hiding when it airs.

What did Jax reveal?

Jax talked a bit about the upcoming season of the show. One thing was that this is the sixth season of the show, but Jax said it was the roughest one on him so far. Everyone that watched "Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky" knows that their relationship was going through a few rocky places.

Jax went as far as to say that 85% of this season was rough.

Now everyone is wondering what was so hard on jax taylor this season. He did explain that this show isn't fake to him because they have all been friends for 15 years. The fact that they are doing a reality show isn't the reason that they are friends. Regardless, they were close to each other and even hang when they aren't filming.

How are Jax and Brittany doing now?

At the end of "Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky," the two seemed like things were not going well. Jax had talked to her family about proposing with to her, but he didn't do it yet. It almost seemed like these two might not make it. At the end of the show, Jax was heading back to LA and she was staying behind in Kentucky with her family to spend some more time with them.

Now, Jax shared that things are going great with Brittany Cartwright. They are still together, but if they are engaged then it hasn't been shared yet. Jax and Brittany are working out together and actually go to boot camp every morning with each other. Jax said that he has lost 30 lbs. and that Brittany is looking great. He had told her family he thought she was going through a bit of a rough time and maybe doing this is what she needed to pull out of it all.

He went on to explain that they were both in a bit of a slump and not working out or eating right. They are doing it together now and they really do seem to be enjoying it. The fans love that Jax and Brittany have worked through their issues, but now everyone is curious if they went through a really rough time that will air during season six of "Vanderpump Rules."

Are you excited for season six of "Vanderpump Rules"? What do you think that Jax Taylor feels like is going to make him have to hide? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" when it returns to Bravo.