Don't count Vanessa Hudgens out of the Disney family yet. The actress appears to have moved on to bigger things, but she has kept the door open on a film project that has been rumored since the beginning of time (or so it seems). While speaking to a media outlet, she mentioned that she saw a fan-created trailer for "High School Musical 4." Whether that means she'd be willing to do a fourth film in the fan-favorite franchise remains to be seen, but at least she isn't entirely opposed to every possibility surrounding it.

Hudgens loves the fan trailer

While speaking with Young Hollywood, Hudgens detailed a recent interaction she had with another "High School Musical" alum, Ashley Tisdale. She claimed to have first seen it on the Instagram account of yet another actress, Monique Coleman. The trailer is just images and video clips spliced together from different members of the original cast with a melodramatic version of the famous "What I've Been Looking For" playing in the background.

The trailer is aptly named "Once a Wildcat: A High School Musical Story."

Apparently, Hudgens and Tisdale chatted about the trailer while out to dinner together.

The star admitted that she would be down to be in that version of "High School Musical 4." Tisdale has implied that in the past, too, as well as Coleman and potentially even Lucas Grabeel. If that movie ever gets made, the casting would be a cinch. Despite an announcement that something was in the works a year ago, however, nothing concrete has emerged yet.

What Hudgens is up to

Hudgens broke out when she portrayed Gabriella Montez in "High School Musical" opposite Zac Efron back in 2006. She went on to star in two more films in the franchise while her personal life spiraled out of control as a result of leaked lewd photos. She also came out with music during that era before finally escaping Disney's strong grip in 2008 after "HSM3."

Since then, she has focused on her acting career, which included starring roles in several films.

She's also a stage actress, starring in "Gigi" as the titular character on Broadway and starring as Rizzo in "Grease: Live" last year. She recently had a major role in the TV series "Powerless," which was cancelled after one season. Depending on what she has coming up on the horizon, Hudgens could again find herself powerless in terms of trying to avoid the allure of jumping back into the fold for "High School Musical 4" -- if it sees the light of day.