Jason Momoa rose to fame when he played the character Khal Drogo on the show "Game of Thrones." His character was a savage wild man who sexually assaults the woman who is forced to be his wife. It has recently been revealed that the actor made a tasteless joke about his time in the series. A video has surfaced of Momoa making inappropriate remarks about sexual assault and the public are enraged.

Outrage at inappropriate joke

According to Deadline, an old video of actor Jason Momoa has surfaced online. The video shows footage of the actor at the Comic-Con "Game of Thrones" panel six years ago.

When asked about his career the actor replied that he was thoroughly enjoying his time on the show. Momoa then joked that he got to rape beautiful women on screen.

In a report by the Independent, it has been confirmed that the public is outraged by this footage. They have taken to social media to share their opinions of the actor. Some have posted the video and stated that their opinion of Momoa has changed. Others have called the actor a disgusting and vile man who should not have a career after making this joke.

However, Jason Momoa was not penalized for his joke about sexually assaulting women. Fans were quick to point this out and have drawn parallels between Momoa and the current case of Harvey Weinstein.

The public is calling for the film industry to protect their female actresses instead of backing powerful members of their community.

The actor has released an apology

In a report by Deadline, it has been confirmed that Jason Momoa has apologized for the insensitive joke that he made six years prior to the release of the video.

The actor posted a public apology online for the world to see. He stated that he woke up to find out that he was being called out for the joke he made while on a panel at Comic-Con.

The actor claimed that the public was completely justified in what they were saying about him. he then claimed that he was extremely sorry and that he has felt bad about that joke for a long time.

Jason Momoa stated that he did not intend to offend anyone but he is not going to take away from the seriousness of what he did.

In a report by the Independent, it was confirmed that Momoa addressed the rape culture, which so many women suffer from. He claimed that he knows the consequence of sexual assault first hand from both family and friends. Jason apologized several times throughout the message but has not asked for forgiveness for his actions.

Jason Momoa has not commented any further on the incident and his representatives have been contacted for further information.