Jason Momoa was not spared from criticism for a joke he made at a Comic-Con event in 2011. During a press conference to promote "Game of Thrones," the actor allegedly said that being able to "rape beautiful women" as Khal Drogo is what he loved most in working for the series.

The model-turned-actor appeared on the HBO series for 10 episodes before his character was killed off in the final moments of the opening season. Although he used to be a fan-favorite character of "Game of Thrones" fans, many were surprised to learn about his rape joke after it resurfaced in the wake of Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault scandal.

The internet reacts to Jason Momoa's rape joke

Some fans were disappointed with Jason Momoa's remarks about rape, while others have come forward to defend the actor from the backlash.

After he saw the reaction from fans for his past comments, Jason Momoa immediately responded to the issue and apologized for the "distasteful joke" he made six years ago.

The actor also acknowledged that he won't be able to erase the fact that he said those "hurtful worlds" with his apology.

"I am still severely disappointed in myself at the insensitivity of my remarks that day," he wrote in an Instagram post. "Rape and sexual harassment can reach anyone and I have seen first hand its painful torment among members of my own family and friends."

Actors criticized for past misconducts amid Weinstein scandal

Jason Momoa is the second actor to apologize for a past episode amid ongoing issues of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

On Wednesday, Ben Affleck sincerely apologized to Hilarie Burton over an alleged groping incident that took place during an interview in 2003.

Fans were quick to point out the said encounter after the "Argo" actor responded to sexual assault allegations pressed against Harvey Weinstein. In a Facebook post, the father of three said he is "saddened and angry" that an influential personality would use his power to manipulate women for sexual gain.

Many fans asked Ben Affleck to evaluate himself before he gives his thoughts on this kind of incident. Hilarie Burton, on the other hand, said she has not forgotten the decade-old issue.

The "One Tree Hill" alum also commended the "brave ones" for speaking up against people who take advantage of others. Aside from Hilarie Burton, a makeup artist, named Annamarie Tendler, claimed Ben Affleck made advances toward her during an encounter in 2004.