Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged to be married soon. A lot of reports about their relationship have been published online. But Markle’s father – Thomas Markle Senior, has never really spoken on what he thinks about the couple. According to Radar! Online, Thomas who used to be a lighting director, has already retired to Mexico. Prince Harry has apparently gotten along well with Meghan’s mother but he was not been reported as mingling with his (possible) future father-in-law. Many are thus, led to believe that Thomas prefers keeping a low profile.

What do reports have to say?

According to Daily Mail, Thomas separated from Meghan’s mother, Doria when the actress was five years old. They bore three children together but Thomas only remained close to Meghan. The Daily Mail report quotes one of the (unidentified) family members as saying that Thomas is “supportive” of Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry.

He has apparently advised Meghan to keep away from the media/paparazzi “circus” when it comes to their royal relationship. The member revealed that Thomas “adores” Meghan but has “no interest” in talking about her daughter’s private life in public. It was further suggested that Thomas is not happy about the negative things that “certain family members” have said about Meghan over the course of the last few years.

This includes his eldest son and daughter, who have had no contact with him for many years. As noted by Express, Thomas can’t believe that he could be walking Meghan down at Westminster Abbey’s aisle soon. His neighbor, Amalia Alva was quoted by The Daily Mail as saying that the father of the royal bride is “fond of children.”

Thomas' financial situation

According to OK!

Magazine, Thomas has experienced several ups and downs with regard to his financial situation in the past. He has a troubled relationship with his eldest children, Samantha (52) and Thomas Jr. (50), bore by his first wife, Rosalyn. They separated in 1972 when Thomas moved to California to focus on his career.

Samantha accused her half-sister of being “self-obsessed,” and not offering “financial assistance” to his father when he needed it.

Meanwhile, Thomas Markle Jr. who has a “long history” of drug and alcohol abuse, was charged as well but charges were later dropped. He made the news again for threatening his girlfriend with a gun.Rosalyn, however, has publicly refuted these reports. She was reported by Daily Mail as saying that they have been purposely spread online to hurt his image.