It has been a while since Jackie Chan released a movie. His latest film, “The Foreigner” makes it way to theaters on its recent premiere. Aside from his new movie’s debut, the Asian world star has revealed that he’s actually working on another film that fans will look forward to.

“The Foreigner” was just released in China on September 30 and it set to premiere in the United States on October 13. The movie, which also stars Pierce Brosnan, gives Chan a whole new character but doesn’t fail in delivering death-defying stunts that the Hong Kong action star is well known for.

This movie apparently isn’t the last fans will see of Chan because he just revealed that the fourth “Rush Hour” movie is going to happen soon. Though his in-movie partner Chris Tucker hasn’t made a comment yet, Chan is confident that he’ll be on board as well.

Dynamic duo returns in fourth ‘Rush Hour’ film

The first three “Rush Hour” movies were successful box-office hits that director Brett Ratner was set on making another installment. The last installment was released in 2012 and there hasn’t been any news about the franchise until recently when Chan finally let the cat out of the bag.

Chan sat down for a radio broadcast interview last Thursday to promote his new film and well, he also just had to tell the world that “Rush Hour 4” is finally happening.

The Asian actor confirmed that the production is definitely moving forward.

He pointed out that the fourth installment of the film franchise got the green light one day before his radio interview. Chan also further revealed that the script is already in the works and they are hoping by the end of October they will have their hands on the second draft.

Chan explained that if everything goes as planned, they will be able to start filming next year with Tucker. However, Tucker still hasn’t agreed to the fourth installment but Chan is certain that the American actor won’t turn down the offer since Tucker was optimistic about starring in another fun and action-packed movie with Chan.

The ‘Rush Hour’ franchise

The movie franchise made its debut in 1998 and it spawned two sequels, which were released in 2001 and 2007. All three movies were centered on two characters, namely Detective Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter. Lee is from the Hong Kong Police Force while Carter hails from Los Angeles Police Department.

The mismatched pair went on a series of detective work that usually involved saving kidnapped hostages and fighting corrupt officials. Though there hasn’t been any hint on what the next installment will be about, it’s certain that the infamous double trouble is coming back to put things in order.