"The Foreigner" is a movie directed by Martin Campbell. The director is best known for two James Bond movies, "GoldenEye" and "Casino Royale," as well as "Green Lantern," released in 2013. "The Foreigner" will be his first movie since then. David Marconi was responsible for adapting the script based on the Steven Leather novel "The Chinaman." The movie follows a London restaurant owner who is desperate to track down the terrorists who killed his daughter. Among the cast are Jackie Chain and Pierce Brosnan.

Jackie Chan plays London restaurant owner seeking revenge

Jackie Chan rose to fame as his martial arts abilities took out the bad guys on the big screen.

Chan became recognized for the hilarity he infused in his skillful martial arts abilities. The timing and the movements were all designed to get a laugh out of the audience. However, his role in this movie allows fans to see another side to the actor. Jackie Chan plays a serious and dangerous individual named Quan who will do anything to seek revenge on the people who killed his daughter.

The character of Quan turns out to be an ex-military commando. He seeks to use these skills to enact justice for his daughter's death. Jackie Chan takes on the persona of this ruthless businessman as Quan murders anyone and anything that gets in the way of justice.

Pierce Brosnan takes on the role of government official

Quan offers the government excessive amounts of money to reveal the names of his daughter's killers.

Brosnan takes on the role of a government official who will not tell Quan who the terrorists are. The movie sees the struggles between Quan and this government official. A cat-and-mouse game ensues as Quan is determined to find the names of the killers. The answer, it appears, lies in the mysterious past of the government official.

As seen in the trailer, Brosnan's character will be pursued relentlessly by co-star Jackie Chan.

Quan sets up a series of threats to the government official contacting him after each threat has played out demanding names. Though the official tries to convince Quan he does not know who the terrorists are, the father feels he is being lied to.

Quan becomes a dangerous enemy and is always two steps ahead of the government. Brosnan's character is left with the choice of telling Quan who the murderers are, or letting the man run circles around them.

"The Foreigner" comes to theaters in October 2017. The movie promises to be full of action and suspense. Long-time fans of Jackie Chan are curious to see the star in a different role than the ones he is known for.

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