Jackie Chan is 63, but he does not show his age. The film "Kung Fu Yoga" was written and directed by Stanley Tong is the result of the visit of Chinese President Xi to India. It is an Indo-Chinese co-production. In all three films are to be made, and this is the first. Jackie plays an archeologist who is in search of a great treasure and must see that it doesn't fall into the hands of the bad men. The story line is inconsequential as the aim is to just showcase Jackie Chan in exotic locations in Dubai, India, and Tibet. There is a lovely Indian girl as heroine in Disha Patni with the Bollywood star Sonu Sood playing the villain.

Jackie proves he is not only fit and agile but also a first rate classical dancer as he dances with Disha on the steps of an ancient temple choreographed by Sarah Khan.

The film

The film runs for 107 minutes and was released on 26 January in China and Taiwan and India on 03 February. The film budget was $ 69.3 million, but it has already garnered $222 million at the box office. Jacke is a favorite of audiences in the East and his Kung Fu, and Judo is a delight as they are laced with humor throughout. Sonu Sood and Disha Patni both from Bollywood are the Indian contributions. Disha is exceptionally lovely and displays a lovely midriff. Sonu as the villain puts in a polished performance. It's a big break for him, as he has not yet reached the top rung of the ladder in Bollywood.

There is a lot of slapstick humor interlaced with Jackies comical fights.

The title of the film "Kung Fu Yoga" is a misnomer, as there is no yoga in the movie. Probably, it is added as Yoga is a particular Indian disciple and the producer wanted to show that India is part of the locale. The music is composed by Chinese music director Nathan Wang while Komail and Shivaan compose Indian tunes.

Last word

The movie makes no pretense of giving any message and is a film to be just enjoyed. The direction and editing are good. But the star of the movie is Jackie Chan, and he proves that age is just a number.