After what many people considered to be a disappointing season 1 finale of "This Is Us," the NBC hit show came back strong for their season 2 premier. The new season premiered on September 26 and for many, it made up for the lackluster finale that aired over six months prior.

Obsession over how Jack dies

Although none of the producers or cast of "This is Us" ever said that season 1 would end with the revelation of how Jack Pearson dies, fans still assumed that they would find it out on the March 14 finale. When the last episode aired, it left many viewers upset that the show didn't spill the beans.

The first episode of the sophomore season of "This is Us" started off with 37th birthday celebrations for the three Pearson children. The episode was entertaining and had a few meaningful moments, but it was the last five minutes of the show that had people talking.

Known as the show that makes everyone cry, "This is Us" was nominated for ten Emmy Awards. Actor Milo Ventimiglia plays the role of Jack Pearson and Mandy Moore plays the role of Jack's wife, Rebecca Pearson. The two have an on-screen chemistry that works perfectly together and helps create the emotional roller coaster ride that "This is Us" provides viewers with. It is something that fans have grown to love and expect from the show.

Episode 1, which was titled "A Father's Advice," may have revealed how Jack Pearson died. If not, it definitely gave some serious clues that left viewers begging for more. After the premier, Mandy Moore had the following to say about the end of the first episode. “We don’t know the full story, we’ll just say that. That’s just a piece of the puzzle,” Moore told Entertainment Weekly.

In the last few minutes of last weeks episode, viewers saw Rebecca driving in her car, extremely upset. She pulls up to her family home and as viewers get a look at the house, they see that it is burnt down to its frame. The Pearson home is still smoking and fire crews are still present. As Rebecca sits there wailing, fans see a bag of Jack's personal effects on the passenger seat.

The bag contains a wedding band, a watch, keys, and a notebook.

'A Manny-Splendored Thing'

Tuesday night is the best night of the week for "This is Us" fans. Episode 2 is titled "A Manny-Splendored Thing" and during the episode, the Pearson family will make a trip to Los Angeles to visit Kevin on the set of his show. On a deeper level, viewers will get to watch as Jack confronts his demons after the fight he had with Rebecca.

"This is Us" airs on NBC on Tuesday nights at 9/8 c.