Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are very close when it comes to setting a new trend in fashion. Both women are elegant, graceful and fashionable. Since the "Suits" actress is dating Prince Harry and is expected to be the newest member of the royal family, many often compare her to the Duchess of Cambridge. Is there competition between Middleton and Markle? Is one of them a threat to another?

The real score between Middleton and Markle

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports Middleton is "frustrated" by Markle because the latter is stealing the spotlight. Markle's high-profile romance with Prince Harry is a popular topic.

The actress frequently makes headlines and Middleton reportedly feels her pregnancy is overshadowed by reports about Markle's rumored engagement to Prince Harry.

Middleton is the glitz and glamour of the monarchy. Whenever there are events, all eyes are on her because she knows how to dress well and she always looks good in whatever she wears. Meanwhile, Markle has the same attribute. The "Horrible Bosses" star is also good at choosing the perfect dresses that will complement her and knows well how to pose for cameras, which Middleton is not so good at. Thus, the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly frustrated and threatened by the presence of Prince Harry’s girlfriend.

Gossip Cop debunked those reports.

According to the publication, there are no reputable reports indicating that there is a bad blood between Middleton and Markle. It’s not also true that Middleton is frustrated because there is no rivalry between the two.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy update

In September, Kensington Palace confirmed that Middleton and Prince William are expecting their third baby together.

Middleton’s pregnancy is not easy as the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum or severe morning sickness. However, sources close to the royal confirmed that she is in a much better condition. In fact, she along with Prince Harry and Prince William celebrated the World’s Mental Health Day last week.

Although Prince Harry is close to his brother and sister-in-law, a royal expert believed that it is unlikely that he will be among the godparents of his upcoming niece or nephew.

Royal family usually gets the baby’s uncle as their godfather. For instance, Prince Harry's uncle Prince Andrew is one of his godfathers. However, Prince William and Middleton did not make Prince Harry as godfather for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. This will likely happen to their third child too.

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