Novelist Angela Townsend is the award-winning Author of several suspense novels, “The Forlorned” chief among them. The story tells the tale of a man named Tom Doherty who works alone on a desolate lighthouse island where he is surrounded by angry spirits and malevolent forces. The gripping story led to Angela being presented with the “Moonbeam Book Award Gold Medal” and the book was then adapted into a film pm which Angela served as the executive producer. The film version of the novel was released on VOD via a company called Midnight Releasing.

Born and raised in the wild, lush, and beautiful mountains of Montana, Angela’s grandparents told her many stores and legends featuring faraway lands and brave heroes. Proud to be of Scots-Irish heritage, Angela is a research historian who enjoys her specialty: Celtic mythology. She is currently anticipating the release of several other Movies based on her books titled “Blackstone Manor,” “The Forsakened,” “Moonflower,” and “River of Bones.” She is happy to be represented by Kenneth Suddleson, who is the former Vice President of Paramount Pictures.

In a recent an exclusive interview, Angela discussed her writing career and the thrill of seeing her novels adapted for the big screen.

Novels, books, and stories

Meagan Meehan (MM): When did you discover your talent for writing and what authors and stories inspired you?

Angela Townsend (AT): I’ve written stories since the day I was old enough to write. All I have ever wanted to be was an author. I’m really living my dream by writing novels and more. I love reading books by Charles Dickens, The Brontë sisters, Washington Irving, J.R.R.

Tolkien, James Herriot, J.K. Rowling and Susan Hill.

MM: You tend to gravitate toward thrillers, suspense, and horror, so what inspires you there?

AT: I like stories that have a strong plot, quickly paced and with deep characterization. Those genres lend to this formula much easier than others. I do have a fantasy series for middle grade readers entitled, The Angus MacBain series.

That particular series helps to support kids with Retinoblastoma. Retinoblastoma is a blinding and often deadly form of cancer--if not treated early. My son is a survivor of this type of cancer and it’s a cause I feel strongly about. You can visit the website by googling “Angus Macbain.”

MM: How did you get the idea for "The Forlorned" and what most interests you about the plot and characters?

AT: I had read about American soldiers from the War of 1812 buried in Canada, on Deadman’s island…many had still not repatriated to America. It was my understanding condos were going to be built over the top of them. It disturbed me. I thought by writing the book, I could bring press to this issue. But as far as I know--all the bodies have been moved now.

MM: How long did the book take to complete and how did you find a publisher?

AT: I wrote the novel in the early 2000’s. It took me about two years to complete it. The story really sold itself. Currently, I own the rights and my literary agent will be shopping it larger publishing houses this winter.

Movies, screenplays, and future projects

MM: How did you find out that "The Forlorned" was being made into a movie and how involved were you in the process?

AT: I knew from the beginning as I was the executive producer. I had also written the screenplay. My business partner and I hired director, Andy Wiest. Andy edited and adapted my screenplay to make it work on screen.

MM: Are you happy with the final results and do you have a favorite scene?

AT: It was absolutely amazing to watch a movie and hear the words I had written--when the book was still just a dream. Although my novel is much different in many ways, I’m happy to see at least part of my story unfold on the big screen. My favorite scene is when one of the ghosts appear and then disappear into a wall.

MM: Do you have any forthcoming creative writing projects and/or events coming up that you would like to mention?

AT: I am working on the second book in The Forlorned Series which will be called, "The Forsakened." We have many other motion pictures and projects in the works as well. We hope to film the MacBain Series in Scotland sometime in the near future.