"The Mindy Project" started airing in September 2012. The series follows Mindy Lahiri, a highly successful doctor who fails socially and romantically on a regular basis. Mindy has been obsessed with romantic comedies since childhood always hoping that she would one day too find the man she was meant to be with. After many failed attempts at doing so, Mindy finally saw what was right in front of her all along.

Dr. Danny Castellano

Danny Castellano was Mindy's co-worker who seemed to extremely dislike Mindy. While the feud between them continued Fans knew there was chemistry underneath.

Gradually the two formed a friendship and viewers were rooting for Mindy and Danny to become a couple. However, just as things seemed to heat up between the two Mindy ran off to be with Pastor Casey. Fans were angered by her choice but fortunately, the show's writers finally gave everyone what they had hoped for all along.

Once Mindy and Danny were finally together they certainly had their share of issues but always able to push through anything fans were finally comfortable at the thought that Mindy had gotten her happy ending. That is until a child came along. Unable to agree on who should cut back at work in order to raise the child the couple split.

Considering that the entire show is based on Mindy's journey to find love, letting her have it would mean the show is over and with amazing ratings the writers weren't ready to let that happen.

After the pair split Mindy was back on the dating scene and the prospects were just as disappointing as they had always been. Just when fans were ready to confirm that Mindy would never find love again she met Ben, played by Brian Greenberg who everyone remembers as the lovable teen father, Jake Jagielski from "One Tree Hill."

Mindy and Ben ended up getting married last season and though Ben seems like a nice guy something was always off between the two.

Mindy typically ends up with men who aren't great for her, Ben is an exception to the rule which makes fans upset with Mindy when she places him on the backburner of her mind. Seeing Mindy treat such a likable character so poorly makes her less likable. However, it is made clear in the latest episode that the writers were not trying to demonize Mindy, but rather prepare us for the return of Danny.

Showing that Mindy was unhappy without Danny, no matter how great the guy is, reminds viewers of who she truly belongs with.

The end

Wrapping up the final season of the series by bringing Danny and Mindy back together would not only give fans what they have been asking for, but it would complete Mindy's idea of a romantic comedy love and life.