Harry Styles and his album "Sign of the Times" are at the top of the charts, kicking off his solo career in successful fashion. The former One Direction singer seems to be loved by the music listeners even if he had gone solo.

According to a recent report from J-14, Harry Styles continues to climb the top charts ever since he released his solo debut album, "Sign of the Times." There is no doubt that his solo album would be a successful one since he was the frontrunner of the famous boy band, One Direction.

Harry Styles talks about his solo career

A few weeks have passed ever since Harry Styles launched his solo career.

Despite the break he took from singing, Styles continues to sing his heart out. The new album of Styles, "Sign of the Times" has a grittier and new sound of music compared to the songs he did when he was still in One Direction.

In a recent report published by NPR, Styles admitted that he did not know his own voice at first and he was unsure about what could happen if he goes solo. Styles revealed that it was always important for him to know the opinion of the music listeners because he wanted to let the people hear his own voice in every music he makes.

During his interview with David Greene of NPR, he unveiled that he has written a lot of songs by himself, but he always ask for opinions when he is already at the finishing stage. "Sign of the Times" reportedly contains songs which Styles has written and created.

Styles revealed that the song talks about his feelings towards exploring different things in life. He also revealed that the song bridged him to different places, especially when it comes to experimenting music.

The genesis and inspiration behind his 'Sign of the Times' song

The former One Direction member unveiled that the song is about a mother and a child.

The song comes from a mother who was dying and she wanted to tell her child that everything will be okay in the end.

Styles also stated that he feels like anyone can do their own music because there is no right or wrong when it comes to the music industry. For Styles, every person has their own taste in music and it would be unfair to stereotype anyone because of their musical taste.

Harry Styles admitted that it was scary for him to start his solo career and release his solo album. But the former One Direction frontrunner revealed that he is learning and enjoying his milestones as a solo artist. As of this writing, his "Sign of the Times" song is still kicking off the charts successfully.

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