The Foo Fighters are extending their "Concrete and Gold" tour into 2018, according to the band's official Twitter feed. The Seattle-based rock band kicked-off their tour promoting the group's ninth studio album on October 14 in Richmond, Virginia and was initially set to end in Salt Lake City, Utah on December 12.

The band added 23 show dates to the tour after the album was announced earlier this year. That has now been extended to the end of July 2018 and will now also feature 19 more events, bringing the total to 42 actual event dates for the band to appear.

The band also performed at the massive festival, Cal Jam 17, a couple of weeks ago in San Bernardino, California.

Spring dates released

The band will take a four-month break in between the different concert legs but will back April 18 in Austin, Texas to perform songs from the group's new album as well as their older hits. The band's front-man, Dave Grohl, is no stranger to touring or being in the limelight for that matter as many will remember Grohl from his drummer days with Nirvana as well as singing/playing guitar with the Foo Fighters since 1994.

The Foo Fighters have tour dates scheduled in locations across Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Canada, New York, Maine, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

On July 21 and July 22 the group will play at Fenway Park, home of Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox located in Massachusetts. The group will perform their final show of the tour on July 29, at Wrigley Field, home of Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs located in Illinois.

Concrete and Gold

As most would have expected, the new album has been a smashing success, debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart on its release date.

The group has released videos for the singles "Run" and "The Sky Is A Neighborhood." The album has eleven tracks on it and has a lot of the sound we've come to love from the Foo's as well as a cameo by Justin Timberlake on "Make It Right," and Paul McCartney playing the drums on "Sunday Rain."

Rolling Stone is calling "Concrete and Gold" the band's "most balanced record yet." Considering the source and then the greatness of all of the other eight albums from Foo Fighters past, that's a pretty big statement.

The band had to postpone some dates

The Foo's were recently forced to have to cancel three shows due to an unavoidable/unseen "family emergency" within the band. According to the group's Twitter feed, they have rescheduled the event that was set for October 24 in Memphis until May 3, 2018, and also said an announcement was coming soon about the October 23 show in Nashville.