Griffin Newman took to Twitter on Saturday to talk about something he'd been wanting to get off his chest. The actor took a role in a currently untitled Woody Allen film and feels guilty about the decision. He says he feels this way due to his belief that Allen is guilty of physically abusing his daughter Dylan Farrow, a case that was investigated and closed many years ago.

Deep regret

Although his role is small, only one scene, in fact, the actor says he deeply regrets taking it. "I spent a month debating whether or not to quit," he tweeted. He called himself a coward for not quitting, saying that he thought being on set would help him gain experience.

Newman says that the experience was educational, but for the wrong reasons. One thing he learned from taking the role was that he would never again put his career over his moral beliefs.

The actor explained that he has been feeling guilty about the matter for some time, but the Harvey Weinstein headlines triggered him to publicly speak out.

Explaining his rant

The day following his Twitter rant, Newman was surprised by the amount of attention his tweets received. He addressed those questioning why he thought Allen was guilty by tweeting out a link to Dylan Farrow's New York Times piece about her father's abuse.

He also said that none of his reasons for taking the role were meant to be excuses and that he "takes full responsibility" for his actions.

He thought that saying how proud his parents were of him seemed like he was blaming them, but it was completely his decision.

Addressing the question of why it took so long for him to feel guilty, he simply responded that it didn't. The actor says "it took seconds," but he is just now able to publicize those feelings.

Newman wanted to make sure people knew that the only reason he took to Twitter was to get his feelings out.

"I wasn't tweeting to gain absolution or admiration," the star of "Tick" tweeted.

The actor says that he hopes the unwanted attention he receives does one good thing: promotes the RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) organization.

Newman donated his entire salary from the Allen movie to the charity, hoping to do something good for rape victims.

Woody Allen himself has had a controversial past including investigations such as the one Newman pointed out of him assaulting his adopted child. In his statement regarding longtime colleague and friend Harvey Weinstein, Allen said that he feels bad for how "messed up" the producer's life is.