The Geostorm” box office is not what Warner Bros. was hoping to see from its opening weekend. With an estimated production budget of between $120 and $140 million, the opening weekend box office for “Geostorm” only brought in an estimated $13.7 million in the United States. That’s not good.

A small piece of good news for the film is that it has made $52.1 million in foreign markets, possibly softening the blow that Warner Bros. has received from its latest Doomsday picture. A report by Box Office Mojo relayed those numbers, noting that the “Geostorm” box office put the film well behind Tyler Perry’s latest picture during the opening weekends of both films.

Lofty expectations

When Warner Bros. began putting this film together, there had been an expectation that it would more than make up for the production cost. The “Geostorm” cast includes notable names like Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Andy Garcia, and Ed Harris, but they could help elevate the Dean Devlin film. The problems became evident when test audiences didn’t enjoy the movie and the theatrical debut was delayed by quite a bit.

With trailers presenting different story arcs for the film, it also never seemed like the company could agree on how it would be presented to audiences. The basic premise of the film is that a network of satellites that were set up to help control the global climate has turned against Earth.

Now the stars of the film are racing against the clock to save the planet before the satellites end all life. Cue the destruction of major, recognizable cities.

What’s up next for star Gerard Butler

Recently, “Geostorm” star Gerard Butler was in the news after he was involved in a motorcycle accident. He talked about how he crashed his motorcycle when he was cut off by another driver, sending him into the road.

Butler suffered only bruises and cuts from the accident but talked about how it shifted his outlook on life. Hopefully, the “Geostorm” box office doesn’t derail those thoughts.

IMDB reveals that Butler is already in pre-production work on “Angel Has Fallen” as character Mike Banning. This will be the third film in that series spawned from the success of “Olympus Has Fallen” with co-star Morgan Freeman.

Not a lot of information has come out about the movie, but it has been rumored that it could involve his character getting framed for an assassination. Until then, there is still time for fans to go enjoy “Geostorm” before it gets pulled from theaters.