"General Hospital" fans have been writing and speculating about the return of Steve Burton as Jason for months! Burton left the show in 2012 and is now back. Just one small problem -- his part was recast with Billy Miller. With Burton returning, the "General Hospital" writers have scrambled to rewrite history.

'General Hospital's' former history and first revised history of Jason's birth

It all goes back to Alan Quartermaine's liaison with Susan Moore back in the old days of GH, 1981. The actress playing Susan (Gail Ramsey) discovered that she was pregnant just as her affair with Alan began.

The writers decided to make Susan pregnant as well. She gave birth to Jason Quartermaine, who later became Jason Morgan. Well, she did, and she didn't.

Susan had fraternal twins. The always-helpful Heather Webber sold one of the babies to a nurse, Betsy Frank. It's already getting complicated, but none of this was revealed until a few years ago when Jason's wife, Sam (Kelly Monaco) learned about the twins from Heather. Only in a soap opera. At that time, Jason's twin was none other than that artistic serial killer, Franco, then played by James Franco and now by Roger Howarth.

'General Hospital's' current history of Jason's birth

When an injured mystery man appeared in 2014, it was revealed to be Jason, even though he looked just like Billy Miller from "The Young and the Restless." Another well-used soap opera device was used for this transformation -- plastic surgery.

We all know plastic surgery performed the right way can make one look younger, but on soaps, it can also change your voice. Funny how that works. Only a program utilized by Damien Spinelli was able to show that "Jake Doe's" original face was actually Jason's.

Then Steve Burton was set to reappear, and suddenly, Betsy Frank admitted to her adopted son Franco that she adopted another child, Andrew, that she gave away after Franco tried to kill him.

This was yet another example of the musical chairs game, only used for children. It turns out that the child was Jason's identical twin.

So the question becomes, which one of these Jasons is fake, and which one is real? Which one was reprogrammed with Jason's memories by the Cassadines with apparent help from Andre? Is Steve Burton back as the real Jason?

Or is it Billy Miller? And whichever one the fake Jason is, does he know it, or is he an innocent victim?

Many fans believe -- and I agree -- that Steve Burton is the true Jason. Why bring him back if he's not the real thing? For many, there was always only one Jason: Burton, who debuted as Jason in 1991. And Billy Miller -- well, he's the identical twin Andrew with the new face.

We'll have to wait and see.