If you are like most people you have already binged "Stranger Things" season two and are already looking for more. Unfortunately, we have to wait a while for season 3, but I have stumbled upon a show that might help you last a little longer. On Netflix there is a show called "Beyond Stranger Things" that takes you into their world of creating the show. It is filled with passion, secrets, and how the creators, actors, and director pull it all together for us.

Accompanied by the talk shows host, Jim Rash talks with "Stranger Things" creators Matt and Ross Duffer, one of the directors, Shawn Levy, and many Cast Members.

They bring us through their journey of creating the show and how the characters developed through the first two seasons.

Who to expect?

If you are a true "Stranger Things" fan this is the perfect series for you. Each episode in "Beyond Stranger Things" is filled with different cast members around the table. Some episodes include Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven, Winn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler, Caleb McLaughlin who plays Lucas Sinclair, Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin Henderson, Natalia Dyer who plays Nancy Wheeler, Charlie Heaton who plays Jonathan Beyers, Joe Keery who plays Steve Harrington, and Noah Schnapp who plays Will Beyers.

The discussions are based off of the characters' scenes together and what went on behind the cameras.

The chemistry between them all is incredible, which makes the show that much more enjoyable knowing how great they all get along. Each actor gets so involved with who they play, and the attachment and dedication is inspiring.

New cast members

Along with the main cast we were introduced to new characters this season, such as Sadie Sink who plays Maxine (a.k.a.

MadMax), Darce Montgomery as Billy Hargrove, Sean Astin as Bob Newby, and Paul Reiser as Sam Owens. These new characters add a whole new playing field to the show in such an incredible way. There is a villain like Billy Hargrove who brings a layer of evil and hatred, and a superhero-like character such as Bob Newby who is completely clueless to the horrors of the upside down world but is willing to help because he cares so much about Joyce Beyers.

"Beyond Stranger Things" brings you to an intimate level with the creators, director, and cast to present the viewers with how the magic is made. It allows you to look at the show with a different mindset when you are taught how the Duffer Brothers went about creating their masterpiece. The devotion from all the cast and crew to bring this show to life is seen on this Talk Show, which everyone should watch once they finish "Stranger Things" season two.