"Counting On," which is the spin-off of "19 Kids and Counting," premiered its sixth season on September 11th, 2017. Jana Duggar who is the eldest daughter in the family is one of the stars of the series and ever since the series premiered many people have been wondering what she does for a living. However, if you look hard enough on the internet you can find all kinds of information, and that is what some fans of the show did. These fans went on to the Duggar's official Facebook page and scrolled so far back that it may have just solved the mystery surrounding the eldest daughter’s career.

What is Jana Duggar’s Job?

As mentioned above some fans went onto the Duggar's official Facebook page and found out some things about Jana’s job history. If you scroll all the way back to 2015 on their page, you will find a 25th birthday post dedicated to Jana and her twin brother John-David. If you really want to know the twins celebrated their 25th birthday at Jana’s favorite restaurant which is, of course, Cracker Barrel. The post was made by the twins’ parents Jim Bob and Michelle. The post also talked about how well the Duggar twins were doing in their careers. This is what they said about their eldest daughter's job “Jana is a concert pianist and is involved in many ministries.”

Many of the Duggar’s fans found this post, and they did not believe a word of it.

For example, one commenter said, “I’m sure that she is a fine pianist, but playing at the local church … does not make one a concert pianist.” That was just one of the many comments, but the majority of the commenters agree that the parents are hyping their kids up to be things that they aren’t. Many also accused the parents of damaging Jana’s career potential as we can see through their social media that she has become a sort of nanny to her younger Duggar siblings.

She is the rumored "Cinderella" Duggar that fans mention over and over again, especially around the holidays.

The show itself

"Counting On" first premiered back in 2015 and it is a reality television show that airs on the TLC network. It is a spin-off of "19 Kids and Counting" which was canceled because of Josh Duggar’s issues.

"Counting On" only features some of the Duggar children as Josh is not featured in the show at all. The show focuses more on the lives of the older children in the family regarding their personal lives and careers. Let's just hope the series continues to be picked up for many more years to come.