General Hospital” writers are preparing for November sweeps already, and the storylines are coming together right now. There have been a lot of changes among the characters in Port Charles, some that have upset viewers. Hayden's (Rebecca Budig) exit, the return of Steve Burton in a mystery role, and the addition of new characters in the future have all weighed heavily on the fans. “General Hospital” is beginning to lay the groundwork for what is going to happen with Jason (Billy Miller) and the story with Franco (Roger Howarth) and the mysterious twin.

Jason and Jason

There has been a lot of talk about what is going to happen with two Jason's in Port Charles. The “General Hospital” executives have teased that Steve Burton's character will have plenty of connections in Port Charles, more so than even the ones who were in his realm when he played Jason Morgan. There have been rumors that Billy Miller may not be the “real” Jason after all, which would essentially re-write “General Hospital” history. There has been talk that this will all tie into the story with Franco and his missing twin.

The Franco and Jason twin storyline has been tested before, back when Steve Burton was in the role. He has always been obsessed with the mobster bodyguard, and now, there are hints that he had more reasons than just the tumor for it.

General Hospital” fans are wondering how this is going to play out, and which “Jason” is going to be the twin. According to She Knows Soaps, Andre (Anthony Montgomery) is going to have connections to Franco's past, and will also be connected to another couple of characters as well. For as little as they use him, this is surprising news.

Steve Burton's return

This week, Steve Burton will make his debut on “General Hospital.” There is a lot of built up excitement surrounding his return. It has been five long years since Jason Morgan was shot at the docks, and now, someone with his face will be gracing Port Charles once again. There is also some animosity surrounding his return, as rumors have surfaced that in order to pay him to come back, some characters were cut.

Next week on “General Hospital,” things are going to get messy. There is so much happening with the major characters, that some of the minor storylines have fallen to the wayside. Things with Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) and her love life will be addressed in the coming weeks as will Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Curtis' (Donnell Turner) love life.