The day fans everywhere are waiting for has almost arrived. It is the day that "Stranger Things" Season Two comes back to bless fans with all the weirdness, action and 80s apparel they could ever ask for. If you haven't seen it and you are a sucker for all things sci-fi, sit on your couch with a box of Eggo Waffles and get binging. For those of you who need a little refresher on what in the world happened in season one, here it is.

Here's the breakdown

  • The pilot episode starts out with the boys all playing Dungeons and Dragons. This is where the idea of the Demogorgon first get introduced.
  • All the boys ride home on their bikes. Will falls off his bike and gets chased home by this weird thing. After that, Will goes bye-bye.
  • Mike, Lucas, and Dustin search the woods for Will where they run into Eleven. She's this little girl with a shaved head and telekinetic powers. How did she get them?
  • The boys take Eleven back to Mike's house, and somehow Mike's parents don't find out that they are sheltering a strange girl in their basement. Eleven sees a picture of Will and recognizes him.
  • A moment of silence for Barb.

  • Joyce Byers finds out she can communicate with Will in the Upside Down through lights. Thus, the origin of the alphabet wall with the Christmas lights.
  • Everyone thinks Will is dead because they find his body in a river. BUT Hopper proves that he is alive by cutting Will's body open and finding it stuffed with cotton. Casual.
  • Remember those creepy guys that kept Eleven in the lab? They find out where Eleven is and try to take her away, but Eleven flips a van with her mind. Also super casual.
  • Things are about to get cray-cray. They need Eleven to connect with Will, so they make a sensory deprivation pool in the school gym. Then Nancy and Johnathan decide to lure the Demogorgon out of the upside down.
  • Hopper and Joyce are able to go into the upside and find Will and bring him home.
  • Meanwhile, Eleven is fighting off the Demogorgon, and eventually, it disintegrates, and Eleven disappears along with it.
  • We see Hopper go into the woods and place some Eggos and other food down on the ground. Why does he do that?
  • And the last thing that will lead us into Season Two is when Will goes into the bathroom and coughs up a nasty slug and flashes back into the Upside Down.

What can we expect?

Well from all the trailers, pictures and hints the team of "Stranger Things" has been putting out, we know that Eleven has to be alive.

But what about Hopper's daughter? Will we find out more about what happened to her? Will Nancy ever be able to choose between Johnathan and Ben Schwartz's son?

The world will find out everything when Season Two comes to Netflix on October 27, 2017.