On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," Patient 6 had a lot of questions for Ava. She answers them one by one to the best of her ability with no idea of the trouble that is soon to come. She gives him information on both Jason And Sam as well as her brother Julian, who came to town as Derick Wells. Ms. Jerome even tells her friend how Jason returned to town with a new face because of Helena Cassadine. This man, who escaped from the Russian clinic, is acting as if he is the real Jason Morgan, but is treading carefully because another man is living his identity.

When the chips begin falling into place, Ava is going to be stunned.

Ava is clueless about the true identity of Patient 6

For once, Ava Jerome is not being her normal evil self. The old Ava would have been firing questions at this virtual stranger and trying to find a way to benefit from their connection. For whatever reason, she has let her guard down with this man, even telling him that DNA tests were done to prove that the man now living with Sam is indeed her husband.

Ms. Jerome was not in Port Charles during the time that Jason Morgan donned the face of the man standing before her so she believes she is humoring a stranger who simply happens to know some of the same people in town as she does.

She even discusses Elizabeth and Carly as Patient 6 seems to be trying to put all the missing pieces of the last 5 years together. Ms. Jerome has no idea the man she befriended is searching for his true identity.

Patient 6 Jason and Franco's worlds will soon collide

Across town, Franco was grilling his adopted mother about Jason's twin Drew.

He suspects Betsy Frank has been keeping something from him and begs her to tell the truth. Patient 6, Franco, and the man who has been Jason for the last few years all have questions for which they need an answer. Spoiler alerts have not given a date, but it is inevitable that these 3 men will see their worlds collide, and eventually will all be in the same place at the same time.

There are missing pieces to the puzzle that must be put in place in order for this storyline to proceed. Fans must be patient as "General Hospital" proceeds with this 9-month arc. There can only be one man who is the one and only Jason Morgan. When he is identified, the other will most likely be determined to be Drew the twin. Franco's connection will also have to be determined as the months roll on. Ava is going to be truly stunned when all of this plays out and she realizes what a maze she has become a part of,