If you’re a woman and you’ve watched even part of an episode of “This is Us,” you’ll agree that Kate is the most relatable female character on the show. Every woman can feel a connection with Kate. In a family full of strong, passionate, and distinctly individual personalities, Kate’s unfailing devotion to those she loves, her ability to manage sticky confrontational situations, and her constant battle with her weight and appearance are what make us love her the most.

Kate lives in her mom's shadow

We all have that one person in our lives, that one slim, perfect specimen who is also as sweet as pie and even though we really want to, we can’t hate her.

Kate’s perfect person is her mom; she’s everything that Kate wishes she could be. It had to be difficult to grow up and constantly wonder if everyone was comparing her to her mother. Kate is relatable to all women who have felt overshadowed by someone else, to every woman who has felt she’s not pretty enough, not thin enough, or not talented enough. Kudos to Kate for making it this far without being more confused than she is.

Confrontation is not a problem for Kate

Another amazing characteristic of Kate’s is how she handles confrontation. At the risk of overgeneralizing, many overweight women are quiet, shy, giving people who often get in trouble because of their intense need to please others.

On “This is Us,” however, Kate stands up to the woman who hired her under false pretenses, and she had it out with the employee at “fat camp”, and she even had the guts to confront her mother about her insecurities (albeit that one took a long time). Kate inspires women everywhere to stand up for themselves and be fierce!

Her relationship is oh-so-relatable too.

We’ve all Facebook-creeped our new beau’s ex-lady. What we haven’t all done is break up with such a boyfriend when he begins displaying not-so-supportive behavior. It wasn’t long into season one of “This is Us” that Toby quit the weight loss program and Kate realized that his complacency was affecting her drive and desire to be a better person.

She had to put herself first. Most of us would have just suffered through the misery until the other person called it off. Really, this is another example of Kate’s impressive confrontational skills, when you think about it. She is an example for women everywhere to not give up on self-improvement when someone or something you love makes it hard.

Kate's bomb drop in last night's episode

In last night’s episode of “This is Us,” we discovered that Kate is pregnant. Just like so many other women, this baby news has no doubt taken Kate by surprise, and although we don’t know yet why she hasn’t told Toby, it’s easy to understand why she the doctor’s reassurance that her baby was “still there” affected her so much. Whatever happens next (and there's lots of spoilers and speculation out there), there’s no doubt Kate will handle the situation with her usual directness and fervor.