Gal Gadot, the "Wonder Woman" actress, is reportedly in talks to star in the independent revenge thriller, the "Ruins," a Justin Kurzel-directed film. The upcoming movie project is set to be under the works of Mad River Pictures by Marc Butan. Their team hopes to start the production early in 2018. In a report obtained by the Variety, the script will be written by Matthew and Ryan Firpo.

The upcoming film centers on a nameless ex-Nazi captain, during the World War Ii in Germany. He will be featured seeking for amends for the crimes he did, as they track down the members who survived his former death squad.

Indeed, this upcoming project is yet another significant role that the Israeli actress will portray on the big screen.

Gadot's growing career

Gadot first starred as Wonder Woman during the 2016's "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice." Since then, she started to accept more projects on the big screen. She is also part of the upcoming "Justice League" movie, which opens on November 17. Just this year, her movie "Wonder Woman," was a blockbuster hit for Warner Bros. which earned $821 million ticket sales globally.

Further, she is also slated to star on "Wonder Woman 2" next year, with Petty Jenkins as the returning director of the sequel. The Variety revealed that Warner Bros has already dated the second franchise to be out on December 13, 2019.

Apart from these movies, the "Wonder Woman" actress is also set to star as an opposite to Bradley Cooper, in the film, "Deeper."

Role under negotiations

While "Wonder Woman 2" plans to start production not later than 2018, a report from Screen Rant added that Gadot's upcoming role to the "Ruins" is already under negotiations.

As first reported by the Deadline, Kurzel is set to direct the upcoming film. Being known for his directorial credits, Kurzel was also the man behind Shakespeare's dark adaptation of "Macbeth," and the movie, "Assassin's Creed."

As of this time, there are no other characters yet as to whom she will be playing within the upcoming movie.

But apparently, "Ruins" is totally a world away from being a goddess, which she usually played during her previous movies.

Further, the Israeli actress is set to showcase her acting skills in forthcoming film, as she fights against the evil Germans. The movie will certainly take her away from the superhero fantasy. In addition to this announcement, Gadot is reportedly having the line up of movies that are set to hit the theaters before the year ends.