Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, and CEO, officially announced its newest product, the Oculus GO Vr Headset, during his speech at the Oculus Connect conference in California. A report from Variety was first to confirm the news and it was revealed that Facebook is going to ship its product the following year. The standalone Oculus Go, which won't require a phone or a PC to run, will be made available early next year for $199.

During Zuckerberg's keynote speech, he added that this newest device is one of the most significant steps that Facebook is working on, to bring VR to the masses.

On his speech, he said, “We want to get a billion people in virtual reality." He further believed that this is the easiest way for them to get used to a device like VR headset.

VR custom lenses

According to Hugo Barra, Facebook Vice President on VR, he said that Facebook is working on custom lenses to be used on the standalone VR. He added that this allows users to enjoy its wide field view, unlike other VR headsets in the market. It would have a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and a fast-switch LCD screen display.

According to Barra, the company will be shipping its first batch of the headset to the developers in November. After thorough testing, Facebook will sell the device to its users and consumers in 2018.

High-end standalone headset

Unlike other VR device in the market, the Oculus Go will still work on several applications; however, it won't have its position tracking function. This means to say that other high-end applications won't perfectly run to the device.

On that point, the Oculus Go still remains as the high-end standalone headset to be produced in the market, with its capacity to function alone.

During the conference, the Facebook CEO also showed off the first prototype wireless headset last year, and it was known under the name, "Santa Cruz."

The new generation of controllers is set to be featured on this upcoming device.

According to Facebook Vice President, the Oculus Go controllers will have integrated touchpads and new LED lights for better tracking.

This Facebook's newest device is way cheaper compared to other headsets in the market, which costs around $349. This likely means that the Oculus Go is a device that is worth waiting for. While it is still unseen on what particular date the device will be dropped, Facebook is reportedly planning launch and make the device available for purchase before 2019 ends.