Fredrik Eklund is excited because he will be welcoming his Twins to the world within just a few weeks. Back in April, his husband Derek Kaplan surprised him with the news that he was going to be a father. He wouldn't be getting just one baby, but a boy and a girl. Since they already knew the sex of the babies back then, the surrogate may be set to give birth in late October or early November. The "Million Dollar Listing New York" has been very silent about the due date and it is possible that he wants to be silent about this huge event, as it is life-changing for him.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he's busy preparing for his babies' arrival. He has been shopping for clothing with his husband and he recently revealed that he was practicing carrying the babies around. He shared a picture of him holding one of his dogs, with the caption, "Practicing..."

The home in Connecticut

A few years ago, Fredrik Eklund decided to invest in a huge home in Connecticut. He wanted to get a home where he could come on the weekends and relax with his husband and his dogs. He has been sharing photos from the home and fans see the home as a sign of his success. However, Eklund has always revealed that he bought the home because it would be a great place for him to raise his children.

Throughout the journey, Fredrik Eklund has already gone through a total of four miscarriages. The first two babies were twins as well and he revealed that his surrogate had miscarried after they have publicly announced the news. After losing the twins, he decided to try once again and he revealed that it didn't work. He also explained that they had tried a third time and it failed.

He had to step away from the process and he explained that he needed some space as the whole process was heartbreaking for him. All he wanted was a baby and all he got was bad news.

Slowing down at work?

Before they tried to get pregnant through a surrogate, his husband Derek was concerned about whether Fredrik Eklund could slow down at work.

Fredrik does work all the time and Derek was concerned about whether he would be forced to be a stay-at-home father and be forced to stop working as an artist. However, Eklund will be slowing down at one, as one can imagine he wants to explore everything that fatherhood has to offer.

What do you think about Fredrik Eklund practicing his baby carrying using his dogs? What do you think about him becoming a father in just a few weeks?