Fredrik Eklund has been on "Million Dollar Listing: New York" since the show first started on Bravo several seasons ago. Back then, Eklund was a single realtor in New York City, working hard to make lots of money and his Swedish charm quickly won over viewers. But his father was concerned for him, as he was alone. During the season finale of the first season, Fredrik revealed that he had found someone. In later seasons, he would go on to marry that man and now they are working on starting a family.

On "Million Dollar Listing: New York" Eklund has been very open and honest about his life.

While the show is about real estate and the deals these guys make on luxurious properties, it has also become a show about these agents' personal lives. Many watched as Fredrik and Ryan got married to their respective partners, watched as Luis heartbreakingly left the show, and will now watch as they welcome a new agent on board.

Eklund's drive and energy is rubbing off on people

In anticipation for this new season, Fredrik Eklund has been sharing videos on social media of the guys, including behind-the-scenes footage of them filming a promo for the show. And it sounds like people are enjoying his energy, as he has been able to inspire and encourage others to pursue their dreams while being themselves.

"I love the energy and the motivation it gives me!!" one person wrote to Fredrik's Instagram video, where he was promoting this upcoming season of "Million Dollar Listing: New York," which starts tonight.

Another person added, "It's obvious that for such hard working people, you need lots of humor! You guys crack me up, yet make selling look fairly easy!

"Bravo" to all of you!"

He could be expanding family soon

Fredrik Eklund has been open about the struggles to have a baby on the show. He has shared the desire to have a daughter, their struggle to find an egg donor, and them receiving the news that they had miscarried twice. While his husband, Derek Kaplan, was eager to try again, Fredrik questioned whether he could handle another miscarriage and another disappointment.

But he recently shared an emoticon on Instagram, revealing that he and Derek may have tried just once more for a pair of twins. This is what they miscarried the first time around, something he announced before they reached 12 weeks of pregnancy.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund on "Milion Dollar Listing: New York"? Do you think he should try to have a baby once again despite the heartbreak he may face?