Amidst the news about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment cases, a former model comes out to accuse David Blaine of molestation. Named Natasha Prince, she claimed that the 44-year-old magician abused her inside his mansion in London in 2004.

In a report made by the Daily Beast, Prince narrated that Blaine invited her to his house in Chelsea neighborhood and gave her a drink. After consuming a tall glass of vodka cocktail, she said that she felt “floaty” and passed out.

What really happened?

Prince narrated that she was “very stoned” when she woke up and found herself on Blaine’s bed while he was behind her.

“I remember being flipped around, and it all seemed like slow motion,” she said.

She saw herself naked as the lights were on. Alternatively, Blaine was beside her and not wearing any shirt. When she looked at him, he told her that she has a nice pair of breasts.

Prince revealed that she first met Blaine at Wellington, a Knightsbridge nightclub.

“He was nice to me,” she said. She cannot remember what he exactly told her, but she recalled that he was giving her a lot of attention. The next day, she received a text from him inviting her to his private home. At first, she refused because of her busy schedule, but she later agreed when he offered to send a car to fetch her.

Prince victim-blaming herself

Scotland Yard confirmed that Prince reported the case on November 17, 2016, although the incident was said to happen in June or July 2004.

Prince then blamed herself and believed that it was entirely her fault. She told Daily Beast that she didn't think that she was abused. What she understands about molestation is that the woman is being pulled in a bush, forced to remove her clothes, and left alone.

So, she blamed herself for what happened.

She then admitted that she liked him and was interested in him. Thus, she didn’t straightly go to the police. She felt like her attraction led to reveal possible interest, so she thought that she had invited the attack. But, she said she already reported the incident in 2016 after understanding what happened because of her therapy.

Blaine’s reaction to the allegation

On the other hand, Blaine’s lawyer, Marty Singer, turned down the accusation.

“My client vehemently denies that he sexually assaulted any woman,” he said. The famous illusionist specifically denied assaulting Prince or any woman in 2004. If there will be a police investigation, Blaine will “fully cooperate” as he has nothing to hide.

Scotland Yard already reached out to Blaine’s lawyer and invited his client to attend an “interview under caution.”