It's finally July, and for film, TV, and comic book fans, that means the arrival of the highly anticipated San Diego Comic Con, where large franchises show off the latest trailers, teasers, and content for their upcoming endeavors. One of them is Netflix's very own "Stranger Things" season 2, which is set to debut this October 31.

Production has concluded and viewers are just about ready to feast their eyes on the horrors to come. Netflix recently released another clip to promote the show's participation in this year's San Diego Comic-Con, but it isn't anything viewers haven't already seen.

It features clips from the first trailer released earlier this year during the Super Bowl, but with more focus on the looming threat of the spider-like being crawling over the city.

Will Byers is not well

When "Stranger Things" left viewers in July last year, Will Byers was coughing up slugs, which meant that he brought some of the Upside Down back with him to Hawkins. Digital Spy recently spoke with Finn Wolfhard, who plays Will on the show, and he admitted that "Something happens to Will in the first couple of episodes that are very, very disturbing." He refused to delve into details, but Gaten Matarazzo admitted that Will's squad "know he is not well, but they are just trying to pretend [nothing] happened."

"Stranger Things" Season 2 is set a year after the events of last season's finale, which means that Will has definitely been experiencing the after-effects of being in the Upside Down for so long, for about a year now.

If he is getting worse or turning evil, that's something viewers have yet to find out.

Netflix's 'Stranger Things' to hold conference at Hall H

Mashable reported that ahead of the "Stranger Things" Season 2 debut this October, Netflix is heading to Hall H during the San Diego Comic-Con later this month. Hall H is typically reserved for the big wigs such as DC and Marvel, but with the cult following of the Duffer Brothers' new sci-fi series, it isn't surprising that they've booked the 6,000-seat venue, which will also be the place where Warner Bros.

and Marvel will hold some happenings this year.

As for Paramount, Sony, and Universal and Legendary, they're opting out of the Hall H events this year. San Diego Comic Con will take place On July 20 to 23 this year, with the "Stranger Things" panel happening on July 22 at 3 p.m. "Stranger Things" Season 2 premieres on Netflix on October 31.