In this week's episode of "Superstore" season 3, Cloud 9 welcomes Amy's daughter, Emma, as the new temp employee. The episode titled "Part-Time Hires" saw two new additions to the Cloud 9 roster, including Emma and Kelly Watson, who everyone just literally overlooked. Amy's story this week revolved around Emma and how she has been having difficulties connecting with her daughter. She turns to Jonah, who isn't a parent and offers some odd advice and ends up talking about himself. Amy is troubled that her daughter is getting along with her dad, with whom Emma has inside jokes and goes to Six Flags and Twenty One Pilots concerts with.

Amy eventually does find good advice from Glenn, who is a father and reminds her that Emma is just a teenager and that's just the way teenagers are.

Dina breaks up with Garrett

In this week's "Superstore" season 3, Dina approaches Garrett to tell him why they haven't been having sex. She admits that she has been seeing "two shrinks" to help her deal with her PTSD following the hurricane. She then proceeds to tell everyone that she broke up with Garrett when the truth is that they mutually agreed to put their relationship on hold so she can work on her mental health. Garrett becomes upset that she told everyone that she broke up with him, so he goes on the intercom to announce that it was a mutual understanding, inadvertently tells everyone that she has been seeing a therapist.

Mateo and Cheyenne fall for a trick

Over at Mateo and Cheyenne's side of Cloud 9, the two fall for the mind tricks of a certain Scott, a construction worker rebuilding parts of the store. He charms them into lending him their employee pass for the bathroom and realizes what they're doing when he does the same to Carol. Cheyenne eventually wonders why he keeps going to the bathroom.

Best lines of the week

Jonah to Emma: "So...9th grade. Fidget spinners, huh?"

Amy to Jonah: "Latino parents are different. We don't really need our kids to like us. We just break their spirit so the world doesn't."

Amy to an upset customer: "You're upset about floor cleaner. Who even uses floor cleaner anymore? What are you, an orderly from the 1950's?"

Jonah to Emma: "Oh, the tuna goes one aisle over.

It's not a bean product."

On next week's episode

Next week on "Superstore" season 3, Cloud 9 will experience an attempted robbery, which will cause Dina to get into a conflict with Jonah. Meanwhile, Glenn unsurprisingly will have a "tough time" firing the store security guard, as per SpoilerTV. Amy also finds out that her co-workers have been hanging out without her. "Superstore" airs on Thursdays at 8:00 PM on NBC.