The tension has been building very nicely in the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “Mr. Mercedes.” Now David E. Kelley, Jack Bender, and AT+T Audience Network have officially confirmed there will be a Season 2 of the series, introducing more of the exciting Bill Hodges Trilogy. Warning, there are some spoilers ahead.

What happened in season 1 of ‘Mr. Mercedes?’

So far we have seen Brady Hartsfield (played brilliantly by Harry Treadaway) mow down a queue of job seekers with a stolen Mercedes car. We have also seen him taunting retired Detective Bill Hodges – so beautifully embodied by actor Brendan Gleeson – with gruesome messages and nasty flashbacks.

This led to Hodges continuing the work he had left behind when he retired, using sometimes not quite so legal methods, with the help of Holly Gibney (well played by Justine Lupe) and Jerome Robinson (perfectly played by Jharrel Jerome).

We also watched as the new love of Hodges’ life, Janey Patterson (with Mary-Louise Parker in the role) was blown up in his car and killed. We have seen Brady’s mother, Deborah (played by Kelly Lynch) die horribly from ingesting poison he bought to kill Jerome’s sister’s dog along with various other cruel and gruesome attacks.

More horror to come in Season 2 of ‘Mr. Mercedes’

With the news that “Mr. Mercedes” will now get a second season – derived from King’s Bill Hodges Trilogy – anyone that has read those books knows of the horrors still to come. King very skillfully followed up on his hard-boiled detective story, “Mr. Mercedes,” with “Finders Keepers” and the closing novel, titled appropriately “End of Watch.” We know there is a concert involved, where Hartsfield tries to blow up a whole load of kids and we remember how he survived being stopped in his tracks by Holly and Jerome while suffering horrible injuries.

Now we have to wait and see how the continuing story is handled by Kelley and Bender as the fun continues in Season 2.

As noted by Deadline, other actors in the series so far have included Scott Lawrence, Breeda Wool, Robert Stanton, Anne Cusack and Holland Taylor, as Hodges’ seductive neighbor.

Everyone is thrilled with the news of Season 2

When announcing the news of the second season of “Mr. Mercedes,” Kelley said he is “excited and thrilled” that the show will continue, going on to call King, Bender, Dennis Lehane and Gleeson, a “special team.”

Bender went on to describe King’s writing of “Mr. Mercedes” as being about the monsters inside the characters, rather than outside. He said the team was extremely fortunate to have attracted a truly amazing cast, led by Gleeson and Treadaway, who bring the flawed, complex and colorful characters of the story to life. He added he is thrilled to continue telling the story.

No doubt King, as one of the executive producers of the show, is thrilled too, although he has yet to announce it on Twitter.

Naturally King’s Constant Readers and other viewers who have enjoyed the first season of “Mr. Mercedes” will also be thrilled to see a continuation of the gripping story with a ten-episode Season 2. According to a report by Variety, production is set to begin in February 2018. For now, we have the season finale, set to air tonight.

For those who have yet to delve into the series, the trailer for the first season of "Mr. Mercedes" is included below.