Farrah Abraham stopped by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills earlier this week to get Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery and have her butt lifted. The star wasn't shy about allowing the cameras into the room as she had the procedure done, and was even seen smiling as she had it done. The procedure, evidently, was to help tighten her vagina and give it a more youthful appearance, even though the reality TV star is only 26-years-old. Although the star claims that she does not work in the adult industry, despite the film she made, she will be appearing at a strip club in Las Vegas to open it.

Her ex, Simon Saran, takes credit for the operation

Farrah Abraham and her ex, Simon Saran, have been at odds with one another via social media for the past several weeks. Although Simon Saran claims he has moved on with another woman, he has still been paying close attention to what Farrah is doing on social media. After coming clean about her vaginal rejuvenation surgery, Farrah's ex stated that he was responsible for her need to get the surgery. He grossly overshared about their sex life, stating that he was rather big "down there" and it wouldn't be fair to the "next guy" if Farrah didn't partake in the surgery.

Farrah has already sent Simon a cease and desist letter and asked him to stop contacting her or speaking to the press about her, but it doesn't look like her threats worked on him.

Farrah has Radar Online on hand to capture the procedure

Not only did Farrah post pictures of herself getting the procedure to Instagram, but she also had cameras from Radar Online there to document the whole thing and post it on their website. The woman doing the rejuvenation explained that it takes 2-4 times for a woman to have her vagina completely rejuvenated and that it makes the vagina tighter so that sex is more enjoyable.

She also explained that it would help lubricate the vagina in addition to making it appear "more youthful." The procedure can also be done for women who have given birth and have trouble controlling their urinary tract after having a baby, or who accidentally wet their pants a little bit when they laugh or sneeze. For that reason, this surgery can also be much more practical than just cosmetic.

Farrah Abraham didn't say whether or not her reason for doing the procedure was for aesthetics or for function, but she definitely isn't shy about the fact that she's had it done. The star has also recently released a mold of her vagina for sex toy use.