Will Smith has caused mayhem as he releases a new song for sale. Smith worked on the song with one of his friends Dj Jazzy Jeff but never expected the song to be a hit. To his surprise, DJ Jazzy Jeff saved and performed the song and fans immediately fell in love with it. Smith made the decision to open the song up for purchase and has been seeing the rewards ever since.

Smith has released the song online

According to XXL Magazine, the track is titled "Get Lit" and was first previewed by an audience when DJ Jazzy Jeff decided to play it at a music festival.

The crowd went wild and immediately began searching for the track by the legendary Will Smith. However, fans quickly encountered problems, as the track was not officially released.

Smith became aware of the demand for the song and decided to address it. He released a statement explaining that the song was created when he and DJ Jazzy Jeff were messing around with some ideas. The actor had not intended to release it as he treated it as a fun project.

In a report by Esquire, Will Smith titled the song "Get Lit" as he wanted the song to be a party anthem. He told fans that they could finally let their lights shine with this new song before officially releasing it for sale on various music platforms such as Spotify and iTunes Fans are delighted that Smith has released some new music as the actor's last release was in 2005.

Fans hope for more

According to XXL, longtime fans of Will Smith are incredibly excited that the star has released more music. Fans have been raving about the song online comparing Will Smith to established rap artists around the world. Will Smith has not confirmed whether he will be returning to the Music Scene in a larger capacity.

In a report by Esquire, it has been confirmed that Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are planning a world tour sometime in the future. Fans are wondering if this means that Will Smith will be bringing back some of his 90's hits or if he will be focusing on new music. Smith has always had an avid interest in the music industry and fans are hoping for his return.

Smith's children have followed the music artist’s steps with his oldest son being a DJ and Willow releasing her own music. Will Smith is continuing to work on acting projects and is set to star in a number of upcoming movies such as "Bright and "Bad Boys For Life." Should Smith not return to the music industry fans can look forward to seeing him on the big screen in the months to come.

Will Smith has not made any comment about his potential return to the music industry.