In case you were not aware it was the pregnant Joy-Anna Duggar’s birthday last Sunday, and she received lots of birthday wishes on social media. The most interesting birthday wish that she received was on Instagram, and it was from her husband, Austin Forsyth. The birthday wish is intriguing because the picture is only of Duggar's head and the picture is also somewhat dark so you can’t see much in it. The image is suspicious because the couple isn't showing off her baby bump. Many believe that the couple was having physical relations before marriage which is looked down upon in the ultra-Christian community.

The controversies surrounding Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding

Their wedding took place in May at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas. After the wedding, the newly married couple traveled to Switzerland for their honeymoon. TLC aired the wedding as a “Counting On” television special, and multiple controversies were surrounding the wedding. As mentioned above, the couple has come under fire recently as Duggar and Forsyth have been accused of having physical relations before marriage. There are two reasons as to why people believe this; the first is because the couple got married rather quickly as Duggar is only twenty years old. The second reason is that soon after the couple got married the two announced their pregnancy and when they announced it, they didn’t mention how far along they were.

The other controversy surrounding the Duggar and Forsyth wedding is a lot smaller than the first one, but a few find it controversial as it broke tradition. You see, the newlywed couple broke the tradition of the groom not being able to see the bride while she is wearing her dress before the wedding. I know this is a minimal controversy, but some people find a huge issue in breaking tradition for a wedding especially various religious people like the Duggar family.

Jim Bob and Michelle's reaction to the wedding

As stated above, there have been numerous claims surrounding the couple's wedding and whether or not it was a 'shotgun wedding.' Well, the Duggar parents Jim Bob and Michelle have just come out on a Facebook post to say that they can’t believe their daughter is married and pregnant.

Here is what they said, “We can’t believe you are all grown up married and having your own baby.” The parents then continued the post with “You have always lived out your name, by bringing Joy to everyone you meet.” As you can see from parts of the post, the parents are happy for their daughter and if Joy-Anna is also happy who cares if it was a shotgun wedding. I mean if everyone involved is supporting the marriage and pregnancy there shouldn't be any problems. You can also catch up with all things Duggar related on "Counting On" which hopefully will get renewed for a new season.