A museum in Lima, Peru recently displayed a new Wax Figure of Lady Gaga, Insider reported. Some fans heavily criticized her wax figure for not resembling the physical attributes of the singer.

The controversial wax figure was displayed at the Museo De Cera De Lima in the South American country. It was meant to depict Lady Gaga during her appearance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. During the event, the singer wore a “meat dress” which was made of raw beef.

The dress was styled by Nicola Formichetti and designed by Franc Fernandez. However, some animal rights organizations condemned the dress despite being hailed as “top fashion statement of 2010” by Time.

Fans react

A Twitter netizen named Tobey shared photos taken from the museum and posted side-by-side images of Lady Gaga’s new wax figure. It had a much longer face, muscular arms, and straw-like hair.

For instance, Twitter user @perpenilsis wrote, “Peruvian artists are so underrated! I’m proud of being from a country with so much talent.” Meanwhile, some fans noted that it looked like fashion designer Donatella Versace, more than the pop singer.

The songstress was not the only celebrity featured in the wax museum in Peru. Other artists such as Shakira, Miley Cyrus, and Elvis Presley also had their own versions. The way they were presented also did not resemble some of their attributes, a walkthrough video posted on YouTube showed.

Earlier, a renowned museum in New York was also criticized for making Beyonce look like she has white skin. Madame Tussauds, an attraction that displays rendered figures of notable personalities, was the one behind this creation.

1950S film icon

Lady Gaga recently attended a World Series Dodgers game in California dressed and styled like the 1960s film icon, Marilyn Monroe.

She sported a white-colored tank top, denim shorts, cat-style eyewear and white pumps, Style Caster reported.

She also paired these with her blonde hair in a curly bob and bright red lipstick. The songstress was seen arriving in her Lamborghini Huracan before she entered the stadium. The car was worth $200,000 according to Style Caster.

She also met with her fans and took a second to wave at them.

Her arrival was followed by a group of motorcycles and SUVs trailing behind her. She also took a moment to take photos with the fans waiting for her in front of the stadium.

Some fans on social media praised her stunning look. While some noted that she was a dead ringer for Monroe, others said that she also resembled the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.