Miguel Sandoval is reportedly set to star on ABC's Shondaland series, the "Grey's Anatomy" firefighter spinoff as Captain Pruitt. A report from Variety confirmed the news that the "Medium" alum, Sandoval, will be joining the cast list. The actor is set to join other cast members like Jason George and Jaina Lee Ortiz. According to the Variety, the spinoff that is set in Seattle firehouse was directly ordered by ABC back in May.

Stacy McKee, the "Grey's Anatomy" showrunner, will spearhead the firefighter spinoff. Shondaland will still produce the series together with the ABC Television Studios and is set to produce the spinoff with McKee.

Ten-episode spinoff

While Sandoval joins the original cast members of the series, a report from Entertainment Weekly revealed that the "Grey's Anatomy" firefighter spinoff is set to have ten episodes this season. The show will center on the lives of the heroic firefighters, from the captain down to its newest team members.

Further, the spinoff is also set to follow the lives of the brave men and women who are willing to risk their lives around the clock in line with their jobs. Captain Pruitt, the role to be portrayed by Sandoval, will lead the firefighters on their mission in saving lives.

Tough and respected captain

Sandoval is set to portray a different character in the series.

His role as Captain Pruitt is a character described as tough and a respected leader by all its members. Despite being firm with his rules, the captain will be most loved by his subordinates. "Grey's Anatomy" is Sandoval's second project with Shondaland. He will have the most significant role in the lives of the Seattle firefighters this time.

Most of the time, Captain Pruitt will be offered promotions; however, he'll choose to decline the offer and rather be on the front line of his men than be seated on his desk. He will be one of the role models that his men will look up to in terms of being a broad-minded thinker.

Guest star on the series

Prior to becoming one of the series regulars on the spinoff series, Sandoval was reportedly a guest star in the "Grey's Anatomy" season nine episodes.

Before he landed another role at ABC, Sandoval used to work with HBO's "Sharp Objects."

He also previously starred on NBC's short-lived comedy series, "Bad Judge." Perhaps, it isn't the first time for the veteran actor to take on challenging and significant roles on TV shows. Stay tuned as Captain Pruitt lead his men this season.