Yesterday we witnessed an unexpected and new official breakthrough of the new special chapter of "Dragon Ball Super."

Apparently, Son Goku will go to launch Genkidama in its normal state but would use the transformation of the SSG Blue combined with the Kaioken and throw it to Jiren. However, at the exact moment when the Genkidama is thrown, the eyes of the saiyajin begin to turn white, while their pupils disappear unexpectedly, and a black spark begins to glisten around them.

The aura of the gods

It may be noted that when Goku launches the Genkidama, he still retains his full outfit, the orange outfit.

However he then he appears only in the blue suit, so we believe that a battle was unleashed at that moment, to the point of leaving it in another state, to Finally show us the transformation of "Limit Breaker."

After revealing the new aura, only few noticed an important detail, the saiyajin seems to have the same appearance as the aura of Zamasu fused in the saga of Black. Zamasu was clearly a real god, so that kind of aura would correspond exclusively to the gods, thus turning Goku into one of them.

Toriyama's revelations about the transformation

Some claim that it is not the complete transformation, since it is very difficult to show the transformation of Goku so quickly, when he is just starting to fight against Jiren.

However, Toriyama said that the transformations in "Dragon Ball Super" have not necessarily played a decisive role in the battles.

For example, he showed us the transformation of Super Saiyan phase 3, which was really very epic at the time. However, Goku did not defeat Majin Buu with that new phase. In the same way with the transformation of phase 2, when Gohan managed to obtain it, was able to defeat Cell, but not everything finished there.

We would alter see, as the transformation of phase two happens in the background, to show us the death of his father and the return of Cell, to whom finally they would defeat with the Kame hame..

For this reason, it is very likely that the battle between the most powerful warriors will not end in chapters 109 and 110.

Remember that "Dragon Ball Super" Episodes 109 and 110 will be a two-part premiere of Goku and Jiren´s much-awaited battle.

The anime returns in October for its one-hour TV special.

We show you an advance on this great chapter, which confirmed what many had been thinking from the beginning, Goku would finally reveal his new transformation, the call for the moment as Limit Breaker.