Hayao Miyazaki is one of the most recognizable animation directors in the world. His creativity has given birth to so many classic animated movies that are good, that many anime fans can trace their love of the genre to his films. Miyazaki had several Academy Award nominations, and a win for his hit fantasy “Spirited Away.” So when he came out of retirement, many fans rejoiced.

As long as he can

It was in 2013 that Studio Ghibli’s beloved Hayao Miyazaki officially retired. During that year, the director revealed the reasons why he had to stop making films.

However, what really drove him out was his eyesight.

According to Miyazaki, his eyesight was getting so bad that he would often leave his desk early in the day. It was making it hard for him to draw and bring his films into reality. Miyazaki felt so sure his career was over at that time, that he even said that his time with full-length films was over. He made no promises about going back.

However, he also said that he would be going to the studio as long as he could drive. His official retirement statement noted that if he wanted to do something, he would definitely do it. So despite his retirement, fans are hopeful that he’ll find the time to create a story.

After many years, he did find the time to come back.

The master is back

Japan’s Shukan Josei Prime recently featured an interview with Toshio Suzuki. The producer has been a long time friend of the Miyazaki. In the interview, he gave us the answer why the director returned to making films.

According to the producer, Miyazaki came back because of his grandson. As it turns out, the director wants to give his grandson a legacy that the boy can be proud of.

When he dies, he wants his grandson to look back at him with pride.

The director’s reason is heart-warming indeed, however; many are worried that Miyazaki’s upcoming film may not make it to theaters. In 2016, Producer Suzuki admitted that Studio Ghibli was undermanned for the project. You need a lot of people to make a full-length film.

Right now, the producer said that Miyazaki is working by himself despite the fact that he needs a minimum of 600 staff. The studio’s current hurdle is what keeps Miyazaki concerned at the moment. At this point, as much as he wants to say they’re making a film, Suzuki can’t officially say so.

Right now, both of the Studio Ghibli bosses have nothing to say. Fans of the director will just have to wait for more news in the future.